Cynthia. Art by Drew Hayes

Cynthia is the Sanctuary's main healer and a proud lesbian.

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Cynthia is a member of the Sanctuary Guild of Thieves and Assassins. She seems a bit standoffish when it comes to Talon and Morachi, yet Cassandra told Lusiphur that Cynthia kissed her once. Years later in the Dark Wars Saga, she once again sees Fleece and is comfortable enough to pat him on his gut and make a friendly joke. She also states that Lusiphur "instills loyalty in a person".

She is able to confide in Lynn that she has feelings for Winston.

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Cynthia is a lesbian, which is first learned when Cassandra tells Lusiphur that Cynthia kissed her once.

After spending days locked up with her in the jail after a brawl, Cynthia tells Lynn that she developed feelings for Winston, but is unsure if Winston likes girls or not. When Winston returns to the room, she confides in Cynthia about how scared she was in the cell. In an intimate moment, Cynthia uses some healing magic to make her feel better.

Unfortunately Drew Hayes passed away before we saw where this relationship would end up.

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