Lirilith is an old dear friend of Lusiphur's and a member of the Malamarh'nn healer's sect. She and Luse met on the streets of Port Sarnwog and Luse is in love with her. Luse considers her his best friend and wanted more than just friendship 30 years ago. She was made the guardian of Malamarh'nn by the Mother of Khi after its downfall, which was a hopeless task. In recognition, she was promoted to the position of high priestess and given leave to wander. After leaving Malamarh'nn, she went to Mandratha.

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Lusiphur is Lirilith's one true love, although she does not allow herself to be with him due to his violent nature, which she, as a healer, can not condone. She has been with other men, but it was never love, choosing them for their dependency and consistency.

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In the 4 part series Lusiphur & Lirilith, Luse meets Lirilith for the first time. They are immediately attracted to one another. In a brawl, Luse is wounded and in a fatal state. Lirilith makes a trek in the snow to find a healer, which she brings back to Luse in order to save is life. Inspired by the sight, and out of want for never being helpless when one of her loved ones are in danger, Lirilith decides to become a healer. Lusiphur supports that, adding that once he finds his attackers he will kill them. Lirilith forbids this, saying that if she is to be a healer, then he can no longer be a killer. Luse decides to kill his attackers, and knows that with that action, sealing the fate of his and Lirilith's relationship.

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